The issue is a DDoS

If you’re seeing this, it’s because all of our authors’ websites – which we have been hosting – are under DDoS attack.

Those sites include:

  • The Coloring Group’s coloring book articles and freebies
  • Aisling D’Art’s websites, including and
  • Eibhlin MacIntosh’s writing website,
  • Grace O’Blarney’s Talk Like a Pirate website
  • Most (not all) of Fiona Broome’s websites, such as and
  • Sites for Sarah Skye, Dace Allen, and many others

We apologize for this inconvenience.

We’ve created this page to let you know the dilemma we and our authors are now facing.

Last autumn, when we experienced some minor DDoS interruptions, we put security plugins on our authors’ sites. That helped, short term.

In the past week, DDoS attacks on our authors’ sites have increased.

Today, we implemented Cloudflare’s Under Attack mode, but – regrettably – that wasn’t enough.

Now, we need to make some hosting decisions. Since most of our authors’ sites aren’t monetized – aside from the sale of their books – moving their sites to ultra-secure, $300/month hosting plans aren’t an option.

Yes, we could monetize the websites to cover that. However, as indies, most of our authors are firmly opposed to placing ads on their sites. As of 8 PM (Eastern Time) tonight, every author we’ve talked with has said they’d rather take their sites offline than compromise with commercialization.

We support that decision, but hope to find a better solution to this attempt to silence our authors and their outreach in their respective niches.

Over the next few days, while we’re reviewing our options, we’re redirecting traffic to this page.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience of this and appreciate your support of our indie authors.

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